27 iun. 2009


Hey mommy!Thank you for fuckin' up my life!
Hay, daddy!You leave her to break me down.
Please don't worry, I am doing fine.Better than I did with you home.
Dear sister, I'm sorry 'cause I'm not there next to you, I'm here, far away from you.I'm not there to help you grow up normal, much better than I did.I can't see your smile when you have parents like ours.
Oh, you fucked up people, I hope you are happy and proud of the children you have rised.Try to rise them with love and trust, not with money and other shit like this.
So dear family, I hope you're doing fine and I hope you are happy at all 'cause I'm not there to fuck you up like you deserve.I'm dead but we'll meet down here.Enjoy your disgousting life.
Your daughter, Cristina.

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